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GIS For Web Developers [EN]


This text presents itself as a specialist Book, as it's easy to guess from the title.

It 'a good starting point for those approaching the GIS but have sufficient knowledge to current WEB 2.0 technologies.

Data di stesura: 31/01/2008
Data di pubblicazione: 11/02/2008
Ultima modifica: 11/02/2008
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GIS For Web Developers [EN]
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Regardless of the structure of chapters, it's possible to distinguish a first part of the text teaching and absolutely propaedeutic to the world of the GIS concepts.

Following a second, focused on tecnical aspects and implementation, offering a step-by-step guide to create a complete project.

It's a text with an high density of information and this may be slowing the reading: the author try to remedy with an informal language, sometimes joking in a way that technical people could appreciate.

The different Informative Box present on every chapter, give, to the curious, more idea to research.

The Book is rich of references about web technoligies, associations and documents.

A single opinion: For many, but not for everyone!

Informazioni sull'autore

Stefano Fago, classe 1973. Diplomato in ragioneria, ha conseguito il Diploma di Laurea in Informatica con un progetto legato alle interfacce grafiche soft-realtime in Java. Dopo esperienze in Alcatel ed Elea, ha svolto attività di consulenza come Software Developer e Trainer alla ObjectWay S.p.A. sede di Milano. Attualmente Software Designer presso la sezione Innovazione e Attività Progettuali di BPU Banca. Appassionato del linguaggio Java e di tutte le tecnolgie Object Oriented. Polistrumentista dilettante.

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  1. GIS for Web Developers
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